FoxRun Golden Retrievers is a small, home-based kennel established in 1993 and striving to create healthy, intelligent and beautiful Goldens who adhere to the breed standard. First, and foremost, we are Golden enthusiasts fulfilling our passion for the breed. In our breeding program we do not focus on one venue of competition, but strive to produce Goldens that will be multi-functional — dogs that can warm your lap during the week but then become serious competitors on the weekend, if you so choose. Every breeding is given careful consideration in the hopes of continuing to produce dogs of exceptional quality. We are Breeder of Merit certified by the AKC.

We compete in conformation, obedience, field and agility and some of the puppies we’ve produced are licensed therapy dogs. All of the dogs used in our breeding program are screened for hereditary diseases common in the Golden Retriever.

We are members in good standing of the Golden Retriever Club of America and the Northwest CT Dog Club and currently sit on the Board of the Southern Berkshire Golden Retriever Club.

When beginning your search for a puppy, we urge you to visit the Golden Retriever Club of America website at www.grca.org for useful information on finding a reputable breeder.

If you enjoy the candid photos on our website, please visit the work of some of the amazing photographers we have worked with including: www.LynnMStoneNaturePhoto.com  www.KarenHocker.com  and www.GuraPhotography.weebly.com

AKC Breeder of Merit Participantwww.offa.org


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